The One that almost Go(a)t Away

I have a mental list of people that I'd love to make special cookies for.  Every so often, I get a small break in the schedule and am able to work on shortening that list.  Last summer I took the opportunity to make my friends, James and Adam, from Goat Haus Biergarten, a special set of celebratory cookies for the then recent opening of their new business endeavor.


When I first saw their logo, I knew that I had to put it on a cookie.  I tend to see the world in with different eyes now and some things or images just scream "Put me on a cookie!!".  Anyway, I was excited to get started and send them on their way.


I always ship with the USPS, Priority 2-3 day shipping so I had an idea as to when I would be hearing something from them.  I figured I would get a text or message from either James and/or Adam upon receipt but a few days had passed and I hadn't heard a thing.  Knowing that if they had received them, there was no way that these Southern Gentlemen wouldn't reach out to say thank you.  So I figured I'd better look into it just in case they never arrived.  Apparently, they weren't delivered and were sitting at the post office awaiting pick up!  I had really wanted these cookies to be a surprise, but I needed to touch base and let them know that I had sent them a package.

The One that Almost Go(at) Away | How Sweet Cookies | Decorated Sugar Cookies |

Long story short - I messaged the guys and let them know that I had sent them cookies and that they were at the post office.  A few days later, I still hadn't heard anything so I figured that I'd better check back with them again.  It had been almost a week since delivery. I sent a message and added a few pictures of the cookies this time.  I was worried that 1.) the cookies would be gone or 2.) they would be damaged.  I quickly received these next photos assuring me that all was well and the cookies were finally "home".


I didn't even see the cookie with a missing bite sitting on top of the sign.  When I did, I literally laughed out loud!  If you are in Montgomery, AL or somewhere nearby, make sure to stop by the Goat Haus Biergarten.  It looks like it's shaping up to be a great place to be!

Gatherings: { T I F F A N Y }

This gathering was just about a year ago and now we're getting ready to do a first birthday for Tiffany's little man!!  It's crazy how quickly times flies!!

Typically Gatherings is about the special event and/or person that is being honored at the event but Tiffany wanted to share about her experience with How Sweet Cookies.

Hello all reading this who are considering using Lorraine for her extraordinary baking and cookie designs, do no think twice. I planned my baby shower from Florida with my mother and put my faith in Lorraine to create the most exquisite safari themed cookies for my shower. This is my first baby and I am very thrilled to be able to share this day with Lorraine and everyone else reading her blog. She truly made the day with the perfect touch of her cookies. We handed them out as favors for the guests, who were so honored just to even receive them! I know this blog post is suppose to be about me and my baby shower but I feel as though Lorraine did such an awesome job that she needs to be highlighted for her wonderful ability. Thank you Lorraine and I hope you can ship to Florida because I would love to use you time and time again!


Tiffany thank you for your kind words, sharing your experience with How Sweet Cookies and mostly for putting your trust in me from hundreds of miles away!  I am so honored to have had a part in celebrating your little babe and to help make your day and your guests day a little sweeter.  I am looking forward to helping to do the same for his first birthday!!  I can't wait to hear all about his first year!!


Gatherings: { C O R E E N & J I L L I A N }

Hey friends, welcome to "Gatherings", a fun little feature of the blog where we get to know the special people in your lives a little better.  If you'd like us to meet a special person in your life, just click yes at the bottom of your order form and we'll send you a link!  It only takes a few minutes and a couple of pictures and you're on your way!  

Today, I'd like you to meet Coreen and her granddaughter, Jillian.  


From Coreen:

Jillian is our first granddaughter and is the most sweetest girl. She plays soccer and Lacrosse. I wanted to make my granddaughters 12th Birthday special. Jillian lives in the frozen Tundra of North Dakota, and I wanted to bring some sweet sunshine for her Birthday.  What better way with beautifully decorated cookies.

I saw a friend post on Instagram Live, about these beautiful cookies. I love finding unique things for special people in my life. Thank you for making this surprise special.



Coreen, thank you so much for the opportunity to help make your granddaughters day a little sweeter!  It looks like your surprise was a success and we are proud to have been a part of that!