Fall Centerpiece

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed the pictures of my hydrangeas over the past few weeks. They go from white, to a lime green, then head into beautiful shades of pinks before they are done for the year.

If you just took a quick glance at them, you would cast them off as dying or dead. But upon closer inspection, you would find that their show isn’t over just yet.

We celebrated my parents birthdays in October and I decided to bring some of these beauties in so that we could enjoy them the night of the celebration. I got my garden scissors and started snipping.

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the arrangement to look like, so I knew that I needed different size blooms and lengths of stem. Once inside, I laid them out on the floor to separate each stem and flower, I sprayed them with a little bit of Thieves household cleaner, hoping that it would encourage any critters to move out! I’m not really sure that it worked. {lol}

I also gathered some mini pumpkins from around the house to tuck in here and there and eventually added a few old bottles as well. Of course the concern was where we would put the food, but I was confident we’d work it out.

In the end, I was very happy with how it all turned out! We had plenty of space for the food and family and it was a sweet night of celebrating.

Flavors of F A L L

It’s Saturday morning, the house is quiet (as there are only two of us here and one is still asleep), the wind is blowing causing beautifully colored leaves to fly past the windows. A reminder that time is fleeting and seasons come and go. I’ve been extra attentive to my surroundings lately and have enjoyed capturing and sharing them on my instagram. November is the perfect time to reflect and give thanks, so I thought I’d share a bit of that with you here.

We all have our favorite season, one that wins by leaps and bounds over the others. While it’s true that each season brings it’s own distinct “flavor”, some of us tend to overlook certain times more than others. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “Everything on earth has its own time and its own season.” But unless we decide to pay attention to every season, we will miss the unique gifts that God gives during those times. I’m challenging myself to see each moment, day, month, season and year for all that it has to offer. I hope you join me as we take a closer look at F A L L.

September brings us a slight drop in temperature, a relief from the blazing August sun. The mornings are cool and sometimes misty, bringing the familiar scent of the return to school with it. Children dread having to adjust to earlier bedtimes, pulling themselves from the comfort of their warm beds and easy schedule that summer afforded them in order to board the school bus and get back in the swing of class schedules, playground camaraderie and evenings full of activities and homework.

But in the midst of all that we dread, September has a beauty that is easily missed. The crisp morning air and warm afternoon sun give a refreshing touch to the fullness of schedule and commitment. Friday night lights, marching band, Saturday soccer matches and the thrill of pumpkin spice ignite the soul. Traces of summer linger throughout the month while fall softly announces it’s arrival. Fall festivals abound, sunflowers shine reminding us all that we desperately need the sun and should seek it diligently.

The retail world has already stocked its shelves full of Halloween candy, costumes and decor by the time October rolls around. The question of how soon we can buy pumpkins bounces around table time conversation along with this years’ costume choices. The great candy corn debate has taken over Facebook (I’m a fan) and nightfall arrives a bit sooner. There’s something about a fall sunset that warms the soul and we’ve all settled into our new routine by this time. Images of wool plaid blankets and campfires tickle the imagination and we all dream of the perfect fall experience with friends and family.

Chances are, by the time that Halloween has rolled around but before the sugar coma has set in, Thanksgiving plans have began to pierce our thoughts as we desperately seek out the answers to where in the world time has gone. Wasn’t it just summer? How are we planning for thanksgiving already? Then Christmas? Why are we counting down the weekends until Christmas? So many conflicting emotions surround this time of year. Some are anticipating the gloom that hangs over the holidays and memories of loved ones that no longer grace our tables, while others are touting the arrival of Christmas in October (you know who you are <3) November - a time to give thanks, to slow our thoughts and jump on the trendy bandwagon of counting the gifts. I came across a quote that stated “Giving thanks is more than a holiday - it’s a way of life.” Truth is, it should be a way of life and while I am working on making that true in my life, I’m grateful that November can be more of a reminder of this than a trend.

November has a way of taking the best of the year and merging it all together in one amazing display of color and texture, preparing our hearts and eyes to reflect and expect all at once. As we take note of the natural progression of time and nature, November is the perfect time to look back over our lives, both short and long term, and ponder all that we’ve experienced. It is also the time for expectation, moving from an inward focus to turning our hearts outward towards the Christmas season, giving to others, still gathering with loved ones and the upcoming New Year. Once could say that November is the springboard to HOPE. Hope of a new year, of new beginnings, a renewed heart and mind and so much more.

Fall may be the season that is most identified with endings but I think I’d much rather see it as the month of new beginnings.

I’d love to know what your fall favorites are!!! Please share in the comments <3